Retired Breeding stock looking for a family home



DOB: 19/03/2015 (6yrs) Female
Colour: Blue Silver Tabby Bi Colour

Mia has bred some beautiful kittens over the years and now deserves to spend the rest of her retirement in a loving home. She has an outgoing loving personality although she can be a real attention seeker so she would settle more into a home where she is the only animal, she would settle well with older children and make a lovely companion for a person that wants a special pet. Mia being a silver tabby is a beautiful-looking cat and she would make an ideal family pet especially for sleeping on someone’s bed at night.



DOB: 26/01/2018  (3yrs 4mths) Male
Colour:   Brown Tabby Bi Colour

Charlie goes to his new home neutered, inoculated and microchipped.

Charlie was going to be used as a stud but after discussions with my vet, it was felt he should be neutered and placed in a pet home. He has the most wonderful nature and will fit well into any environment but my preference would be to place him in a home where he is kingpin and doesn’t have to compete with other animals although I’m sure he would get along with a little dog. Ideally, a retired couple would be suitable where Charlie has company during the day and a bed to sleep on at night. Charlie lost his eye through an accident but his other eye is perfect as you can see, he loves playing in the garden and like all responsible pet owners he must be kept in at night.


Sorry I am no longer available as I have gone to a new home

DOB: 06/02/2015 (6yrs) Female
Colour:  Blue Tabby Bi Colour

Foxy has bred some beautiful kittens for me over the years now it is time for her to be retired to a loving home.  She has a very quiet nature but loves and adores having one on one attention, a retired couple or a person living by themselves would find her a loving considerate companion that will seek you out for special love sessions. She would definitely suit apartment living as she’s very much an inside cat and prefers to be the sole animal in the house.