Hello, my name is Diane Davidson.  I am now residing in CHRISTCHURCH in the South Island, of New Zealand.  Previous to that, my husband and I lived in Auckland for over 45 years.
We moved to CHRISTCHURCH during November 2021.

I can also arrange for kittens to be airfreighted anywhere in New Zealand & overseas.

Around the world New Zealand has the reputation of being a clean green Country and we work hard at keeping this reputation. Because we are a rabies free Country this also makes it easier to be able to export into other to parts of the world without having to quarantine.

diane davidson, persian cat breeder
Diane Davidson

Askari Exotics & Persians has been a NZCF Inc registered cattery since 1977, breeding solids, smokes & tabbies in Persians and Exotics. My Persian breeding program has pure Persian only without Exotic or C/P in them.

I have (like most breeders) shed tears of joy and sorrow through out my years of breeding, it is the close friendships formed and the unconditional love of my cats that has made this hobby such a part of my life and for this, I am eternally grateful.

I strive to produce healthy cats with beautiful expression and loving personalities, that bring joy to whoever touches them and makes them part of their life. I value my reputation and take great care to ensure other breeders receive the same respect that I expect from them, honesty being the most important.

My garden cattery allows my cats to have freedom during the day to come and go in our home with my boys having alternate days in the garden with the girls, with supervision when it is the breeding season.

Kittens are house-reared with plenty of handling, love and attention like all little persons need. Please visit my kitten page to see my bundles of joy and just sometimes I have retired cats available to go to loving homes, so feel free to contact me should you want a special person to become a part of your life and sleep on the end of your bed.

I hope you enjoy my site and do visit often; you are welcome to contact me by phone from:-

Overseas +64 212632 334  or email askari@askaricats.com

In NZ phone 021 2632 334 or email askari@askaricats.com

All enquiries will be answered. I do however prefer to receive enquires via my Enquiry Form