What to look for when buying either an Exotic or Persian.

I would describe them as “Bulldozers” on little short legs with a short tail attached at the end. Everything about these breeds is rounded, round head with large round eyes set well apart, nose short and broad, ears that are small and set low on the head.

The body is cobby and well rounded with a broad deep chest, massive across the shoulders and rump, the body is held up by short, thick strong legs with rounded paws giving the overall look of being a very sturdy cat.

Keep in mind that while your kitten may look like that when it first comes home it will go through what we call a gawky stage but will mature into your “Bulldozer” once it is fully matured this normally takes about 2 to 3years.

They come in many colours some colours are easier to find than others, for pet buyers, it’s more about nature and what will fit most comfortably into your lives rather than the importance of the designer looks. For more information and about breeders New Zealand see www.nzcf.com