Grooming is a must with the Exotic and Persian Breeds.

The long and the short is if you don’t have the time or are not prepared to give up some of your time to groom either of these two breeds then don’t adopt one into your home.

Brushing and Knots

Exotics: While you may adore the look of this breed you must be prepared to pick up a comb (a wide-toothed metal comb is best) and groom your cat at least twice a week. This will keep knots and shedding hair at bay especially in the moulting season Aug/Sept coming into Spring and again March/April going into Autumn. Because the Exotic has such a dense coat be prepared to accept this is the price you will pay to own such a beautiful breed.

Persians: Are no different although shedding of the coat does not seem as great but grooming is a must with the length of the coat it doesn’t take long for that little knot behind the front leg to become very knotty and difficult to just comb out. (a wide-toothed metal comb is best) and groom your cat at least twice to three times a week and definitely more during the shedding season.


From the day you pick your kitten up from the breeder, this is the time you accept the responsibility of grooming your kitten and wiping its eyes daily so that it becomes not a chore but the pleasure of interaction and bonding between pet and its owner.

While bathing is not a necessity it does make it easier to keep their coats clean and knot-free. Probably your kitten has been bathed by the breeder several times before it comes to your home so it will be used to being bathed and it does help to keep this up so it becomes a pleasure rather than one of those things an owner dreads. Many professional groomers take dogs only but several in Auckland seem to be grooming cats as well.

Cat Grooming Services