The Exotic is a manmade breed that was started as early as the 1960’s by Persians being bred to other breeds one of which was the American Shorthair.

The history of the Exotic can be found on CFA’s website “About the Exotic”. They are also referred to as “Persians in miniskirts” or rightly so the “Teddy Bear” cats with their coats being plush and soft in texture, it stands out from the body due to its density.

Exotics can only be mated back to another Exotic or to a Persian, the resulting litters produce both longhair kittens (registered as Persians ) or shorthaired kittens (registered as Exotics). The Persians coat is thick and a much longer flowing coat, standing out from the body with an immense ruff continuing in a deep frill between the front legs. Because of the length of coat, the Persian can look a lot bigger and heavier than the Exotic until you experience the pleasure of handling them and all is revealed.

About the Persian” gives a wonderful overview of the exquisite Persian. For a breakdown of the “General Type Standard” in NZ go to and you will see the type of the Exotic and the Persian is the same apart from the coat length and texture.