It would be appreciated if you gave the following information when contacting the ASKARI CATTERY as this will enable me to respond faster:

1. If you are looking for a special kitten please let me know what you are looking for show/pet or a stay at home pet?
2. The country you live in and your location?
3. Do you have experience in showing if so with what Cat Fancy?
4. Do tell me about yourself and under what conditions the kitten will live in.
5. Some of my cats are bound by a contract, so their kittens are available only as pets and will be desexed before leaving our home.
6. Show kittens are available only with a contract.
7. When you decide to take an "Askari" kitten you commit yourself to maintain and give them the best quality of life with
unconditional love.

I do have from time to time show pet kittens available to go to owners that wish to enter into the wonderful world of cat shows. All help on grooming, preparation and feeding is given.

We are a DNA - PKD negative tested cattery
ASKARI CATTERY GUARANTEES all kittens to be PKD negative